These people have work hard and helped make PyCon a reality. Shout out to these awesome humans and great co-workers. :)

Ana Ostojić

Content | General Support

Bojan Jovanović

Dev | Speakers | Host

Irina Nišavić

Marketing | Sponsors | Communication

Kátia Nakamura

Dev | Django Girls

Miloš Karajović

Operations | Marketing | Design

Od Jacobsen

Coordinator | Speakers | Sponsors

Petar Simić

Finance | Contracts


There’s no way we could do all the work needed for PyCon Balkan without the help from our volunteers. They’ve been grinding all the time to make sure everything goes smoothly for the big event.

If you’re interested in helping organize the next PyCon Balkan (yeah, we’re not stopping), please contact us. We’d be thrilled to meet a fellow Python enthusiast. ;)

Join PyCon Balkan as a Volunteer!

Bojan Pavlovic

Frontend Developer

Nada Janković

Python Developer

Thiago Rossener

Frontend Developer

Ülgen Sarıkavak

Senior Python Developer


Dev | Python | Full Stack