K Lars Lohn

Senior Staff Engineer - Mozilla Corporation

At first, you'd think K Lars Lohn is some character from a biker bar on the bad side of town. However, speaking with him dispels that image in favor of, perhaps, a professor from Hogwarts. Lars is an eccentric, skeptic and heretic.

Lars has had a diverse career spanning 40 years. His early adoption of C++ in the late 80s gained him a formidable reputation as an emergency services programmer in the investment bank, airline and telecommunications industries. Lars adopted Python in 2002 while running an online nursery specializing in rose bushes.

Lars currently works for Mozilla Corporation where he designed and implemented the Firefox crash reporting system, Socorro. Currently, he is with the Firefox work flow team, hacking on Mercurial.

Lars lives in a yurt on organic farm in the Willamette Valley of the state of Oregon in the US. Never having understood the word “bored”, Lars hacks hardware, restores old pin ball machines, draws mazes, makes 3D printable designs, plays electronic woodwinds, grows exotic carnivorous plants and rides a noisy Harley.