Ervin Varga

Consultant | Expro I.T. Consulting

Ervin is an owner of the Expro I.T. Consulting, Serbia consulting company. He is an IEEE Software Engineering Certified Instructor and possesses the IEEE Professional Software Engineering Master Certification.

He is also a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Professional Member of the ACM. Ervin is teaching at the university and is an Associate professor at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia.

He has an MSc in computer science, and a PhD in electrical engineering (his thesis was an application of software engineering and computer science in the domain of electrical power systems). Ervin is also a technical advisor of the open-source project Mainflux (see

  • Co-author on the "Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things" (O'Reilly 2018), see
  • Author of the "Unraveling Software Maintenance and Evolution" (Springer 2018), see
  • Author of the "Creating Maintainable APIs" (Apress 2016), see
  • Co-author on the "Thinking in Java, 4th Edition: Annotated Solutions Guide" (MindView Inc. 2007)
  • PyCon Balkan 2018 Talks

    The presentation's topic is large scale evolvable Python software systems. The audience will learn how and why principles of software engineering in the context of The Zen of Python materialize in practice.

    According to recent report "Developers, despair: Half your time is wasted on bad code" (see this link) "...companies around the world are collectively losing about $300 billion a year by wasting developer resources on fixing maintenance issues..." The talk will illustrate on concrete cases what it means to properly fix existing code, how to craft proper APIs, why being explicit helps avoid dangerous defects in production, etc.

    The presentation will revolve around code excerpts with theoretical explanations. The focus will be on pragmatic approaches to achieve high quality and reduce wasted time on correcting bugs. This will be an opportunity for developers of all skill levels to see rules in action, whilst managers will get crucial insights why investing in quality upfront is the right way to go. No special knowledge, except basic Python, is required to follow along the talk.