We love Python because it’s a high-level language that creates elegant solutions to intricate problems. Right now, it's really popular with data scientists and startups. The reason why is simple, you can do a lot of amazing things with it. Some of them include data analysis, machine learning, robotics, web and game development, and, also, hardware ex. It’s the language of the future.

Andrii Soldatenko

Senior Python Developer | Toptal

My name is Andrii Soldatenko and I like testing and programming. I’m CTO in Moonshot Capital. Also I’m working as …

Competitive programming using Python

Competitive programming is really a fantastic discipline to improve your programming and math skills. The idea is very simple given …

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Anton Caceres

Delivery Boy | Tech-5.de

Developer and entrepreneur running an agency in Munich; conference organizer. Love the Python community, happy to share and learn!

The Truth of Mastering the Data

What do you think is the essential skill a data scientist should master? Knowledge of deep learning tools? Hadoop? SciPy? …

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Chirag Shah

Software Developer | Barclays

Chirag is a software developer working at Barclays, India. Software Development is his long suite. His primary fields of interest …

Understanding multithreading by deciphering the cpython interpreter source code

In this talk, I will provide a concise understanding of Threading and Global Interpreter Lock(GIL) in Python.

In the …

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Dan-Claudiu Dragoș

Production Engineer | Facebook (Dublin, Ireland)

Production Engineer at Facebook Dublin, working on Infrastructure / Data Centers.

Migrating an older code base to Python 3: the expected - and the unexpected

Python 3 is used extensively inside Facebook, but this was not always the case:
there are some large services …

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David Cramer

CEO | Sentry

David is the founder and CEO of Sentry, an open source service which provides application monitoring.

In a past …

Mastering Duct Tape

There's a lot of hard problems in software, but how many of them are created from decisions we make day …

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Dmitry Dygalo

Technical Team Lead | kiwi.com

Dmitry is a Tech Lead at kiwi.com in Prague. Started with Python in 2010 as a hobby during the …

Testable code: making the (testing) world better

Sometimes it is tough to make the code testable, especially in a large, legacy codebase, but I'd like to tell …

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Duje Roje

R&D Engineer | Include d.o.o.

I started playing with electronics back in high school. A hobby turned into a study major and into a professional …

Python for hardware

Know a little Python? That's all you need to get started in the world of IoT and embedded software. You …

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Ervin Varga

Consultant | Expro I.T. Consulting

Ervin is an owner of the Expro I.T. Consulting, Serbia consulting company. He is an IEEE Software Engineering Certified Instructor …

Zen of Python in Action

The presentation's topic is large scale evolvable Python software systems. The audience will learn how and why principles of software …

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Eugenio Valdano

Postdoctoral Researcher | University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Eugenio is a computational epidemiologist. He uses mathematical and computational models, embedded in a complex networks formalism, to study the …

Computational models to predict when diseases turn epidemic

Infectious diseases affecting humans and animals still represent a major burden for our health, society and economy. For these reason, …

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Israel Fermín

Engineer | Careem / PyMENA

Israel is a Venezuelan software engineer living and working in the middle east for the last 4 years.

Currently …

Querysets can do that?

We divide the ORM features in several buckets to explain them:


  • Not so basic
  • Special Objects
  • Functions
  • Query …

    Django in the real world

    There are a lot of projects and systems out there built on top of django. From complex high profile systems …

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    Ivan Mitic

    Lead Software Engineer | Telesign

    I lead a team of seven highly skilled software engineers. Together, we design, code, test and deliver new improvements to …

    Schedule notification API in Django REST Framework

    In this 2 part workshop we will build a notification service along with appropriate functional tests.

    Powered by Django …

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    Ivaylo Donchev

    Fullstack Software Developer | HackSoft

    Python and JavaScript developer at HackSoft. Actively working on large 'Property Management System' project development with Django and React. Passionate …

    Django ORM and queries optimization

    This talk will be about:

    - Django ORM architecture - from Graph to SQL query
    - Choosing the …

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    Jan Margeta

    Founder | KardioMe

    Jan is the founder of KardioMe, a Pythonista, and a white water kayaker. He is passionate about technologies that push …

    Distributed computing and hyper-parameter tuning with Ray

    Come for a while and learn how to execute your Python computations in parallel, to seamlessly scale the training of …

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    Jelena Mitrović

    Postdoctoral Researcher | University of Passau

    Jelena Mitrović teaches Text Mining with Python, and Information Retrieval and NLP at the University of Passau, Germany. Her research …

    Natural Language Processing with Python

    This talk is aimed at beginners in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and/ or Python and will show the power of …

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    Laurent Picard

    Developer Advocate | Google

    Laurent is a developer passionate about software, hardware, science and anything shaping the future. He works for Google where he …

    Drive your own IoT device in a snap with cloud services

    Based on an inexpensive board (Raspberry Pi), a couple of sensors, a few lines of Python code, and cloud services, …

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    Luka Kladarić

    Chaos Manager | Sekura Collective

    Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for over half his life. Despises frontend, likes doing talks. Likes putting out …

    Shipping quality software in hostile environments

    Everyone loves features, right? Product loves features. Management loves features. The board loves features. Features are what make the users …

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    Lukáš Kubiš

    Senior Automation Developer | Kiwi.com

    Self-taught pythonaut, occasional speaker and coach. Currently helping to shape the future of travel as a senior member of

    Everything you did NOT want to know about generators

    Generators are one of the most neglected language features in python education. Usually, you get told that they're used as …

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    Maksim Sipos

    CTO | causaLens Ltd.

    Maksim has been writing code from a very young age. He got his bachelor and PhD degrees in Mathematics and …

    Modelling dynamical systems in Python

    causaLens is a platform that automatically builds time series/dynamic system models. It is a system built on the principles of …

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    Marco Chiappetta

    Backend developer | Hipo (hipolabs.com)

    Software developer at Hipo (hipolabs.com), mainly focused on backend and infrastructure. CS graduate with a background in crypto (...logy, …

    We need millions of images, and we need them yesterday

    In this talk we analyze how AWS S3 + Lambda helped us grab image metadata (such as resolution, dominant color …

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    Martin Czygan

    Software Developer | Leipzig University Library

    Martin Czygan works as a software developer, consultant and author in Leipzig, Germany. He fell in love with Python over …

    Packaging Python applications

    Packaging Python applications is important when shipping software. There are a couple of established ways to do it and documentation …

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    Mikey Ariel

    Technical writer | Red Hat

    You might know her as That Docs Lady, and you won't be wrong! Mikey spent the better part of the …

    Docs or it didn't happen

    If you ever skimmed through a README, tried to follow a quickstart tutorial, attempted to decipher an error message, or …

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    Mislav Cimperšak

    Team lead | Solvomon

    Web developer with 8+ years of experience.
    Responsible for everything from software architecture, team management, project planning, mentoring to straight …

    On the Edge of Leadership

    After several years of fairly regular software developer career path, I've found myself in a new role that I've unconsciously …

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    Mladen Jovanovic

    Data Scientist | Bravo Systems

    I love finding question/answers in the data itself.

    I’m part of the Data Science team at Bravo Systems, a …

    Recommender Systems - Collaborative filtering and dimensionality reduction

    Recommender systems are considered as an inevitable part of any system that is offering some kind of products/services to the …

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    Nikola Đipanov

    Production Engineer | Facebook

    Nikola has spent the last 2 years at Facebook as a Production Engineer, based in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to that …

    Service Monitoring Manual, 2018 edition

    Monitoring a.k.a figuring out what production code is doing is an extremely important topic. Modern software systems can be incredibly …

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    Nikolaos Michas

    Software Engineer | TTS Wireless

    Software Engineer working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Python with some experience in C and Java. Interested in Machine …

    Using Python to improve my Fantasy Basketball team

    Fantasy sport is an online game where participants assemble imaginary teams of real professional athletes. Each team collects points based …

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    Radoslav Georgiev

    CEO | HackSoft

    Radoslav Georgiev, CEO of HackSoft, is a software developer with over 8 years of experience.
    Main interests include Python, …

    Running a coding academy in the balkans

    This talk will go around the things that we are doing with HackBulgaria - our "hacker school", where we do …

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    Ridhwana Khan

    Developer | Software Consultant

    Ridhwana Khan is an entrepreneur and a software developer. She is constantly fulfilling her passion of finding solutions to problems …

    Expand your toolkit for self-development

    Moving towards consulting in the recent years has provided me with the opportunity to integrate within different clients environments and …

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    Russell Keith-Magee

    Senior Data Engineer | Survata

    Founder, BeeWare Project

    Dr Russell Keith-Magee is the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools and libraries …

    Tomorrow’s Python

    Python as a language is over 25 years old, and it’s user base is still growing. This is a feat …

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    Subby Angelov

    Project Manager | Nemetschek Bulgaria

    Subby is in the software industry for more than 20 years. He started as a developer and support engineer.

    Meeting kills people

    We all participate in meetings. Quite often we sit and "survive" bad meetings, not considering that we actually can change …

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    Tin Marković

    Booking Backend Team Lead | Kiwi.com

    Tin Marković is a software engineer, a full stack developer with strong software architecture bend. Specialized for designing systems, rather …

    Refactoring in Python: design patterns and approaches

    This talk will describe experiences and lessons learned from tackling extremely demanding code. How to bring order to mismanaged code …

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    Tomasz Woźniak

    Team Leader | STXNext

    Team Leader and Software Developer in STXNext Europe’s largest Python software house. Enthusiast of automating everything.

    Behave parallel run on Docker

    If you want to deliver software of the highest quality, you must have well-written tests that should be short and …

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    Vladimir Iurcovschi & Dimitris Koulouris


    Vladimir is a Mathematician, Data Scientist and Teacher. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in …

    Processing billions of events with Python in real time

    In this session will present how we approach the hot/cold processing data pipeline design pattern here at Warply. Our infrastructure …

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    Will Foster

    Principal Systems Engineer | Red Hat

    Hobo DevOp/Sysadmin living in Dublin, Ireland. I work mostly within the Engineering R&D space at Red Hat. Significant interests include …

    Deploying Complex Application Stacks with Ansible

    In todays climate the need for agility and automation in deploying and managing complex application stacks are more demanding than …

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