Ionel Cristian Mărieș

Buggy software developer

Ionel is a Python developer that maintains the pytest-cov and pytest-benchmark plugins, and a bunch of other tools. He has a blog at where he writes mostly about Python.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

TLK PyCon Talk

No code is perfect

"We write code so good we don't need debugging" - ever heard this? I have, right before "we can't find enough developers".

It's almost near impossible to avoid using libraries (that inevitably have bugs) or to avoid working on projects that have issues. There aren't so many places where you can do everything from scratch, and get it right from the start too. Thus being proficient with debugging is way too rewarding to ignore.

This talk will compare various debugging tools or techniques, and will walk you through how you can detect a certain class of problem at runtime using a tracer.


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