Lori Repanich Hill

Senior Software Engineer - NBCUniversal

Lori Repanich Hill is a Senior Software Engineer at NBCUniversal who writes iOS and tvOS apps for NBC News. She recently pair programmed over a five-month period to develop new Apple TV apps for the Today Show, MSNBC and NBC News. A relative newcomer to Agile methodologies, Lori held many of the common skepticisms about pair programming. After researching the technique and experiencing it first-hand, she has become an advocate for the technique, emphasizing both the documented benefits and the more subtle benefits of personal development that result from pair programming.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

Research supports the benefits of pair programming including higher quality code and transfer of knowledge, yet the mention of pair programming often elicits groans from software developers. We will explore the benefits and break down costs in the context of a successful project developed exclusively by remote pair programming, arming developers with tips and strategies for successfully pairing.