Nikoleta Glynatsi

PhD Student - Cardiff University

Nikoleta Glynatsi is a PhD student in the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University. She is a fellow of the Sustainable Software Institute and a maintainer and contributor of several open source projects.

She is an advocate for diversity and equality, especially within underrepresented communities. Her roles include keynote speaker of PyCon UK 2018, coach and organiser of Django Girls workshops and frequent volunteer for a number of PyCon events.

During her "free" time Nikoleta enjoys video games (currently re-playing Borderlands 2), skateboarding and trying new beers.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

Meritocracy is a society governed by people selected according to merit. But despite all our best intentions, does meritocracy work? When will we accept a system based on merit, and how long do we have to keep talking about discrimination?


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