Thomas Ballinger

Software Engineer - Dropbox

Thomas is a data engineer at Dropbox and contributes to IPython, Jupyter, and bpython.

He was previously a facilitator at the Recurse Center and a scientific programmer at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab and Harvard Medical School. He volunteers with Software Carpentry (accelerating science by teaching for loops!), teaches at the Bradfield School of Computer Science in SF, and likes BitTorrent clients.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

KEY PyCon Keynote

The Tree of Pythons

Alternate Python implementations with goals like running in the browser, compiling to a smaller binary, and running faster than CPython have flourished in Python's long history. They're mostly like Python, but not quite – sometimes very not quite! There are enough parts of Python and enough different users cases to keeping track of these differences hard; the libraries and corners of the language a data scientist, a web developer, and data engineer might know might not overlap much! How do we find patterns in and draw conclusions from this diversity? Let's try some tools of naturalists: phylogeny, speciation, even look for some horizontal gene transfer.


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